Magento - E-Commerce Management System

A Magento content management system is a popular choice for many kinds of businesses, especially companies that want to run an online store.

 The CMS may be part of a larger website, and the administrator can typically use a built-in content editor to edit the text content on all pages. This kind of editor functions differently than a typical word processing program. The editor automatically inserts HTML codes within the text, which is formatting the text to HTML style.  The administrator can switch back and forth between the text editor mode and the HMTL coding mode.

At Softway Solutions, we offer quick-to-market solutions for CMS websites using Magento. We offer custom CMS systems as well as turnkey services. Clients who want to get started with a Magento system will find it has everything they need. Magento is open-source and has many options that will meet the specifics of your personal or business website. Magento does not require costly licenses for business users to get started with building their content management system.

Softway Solutions is based in TechFogg and primarily serves businesses in need of marketing or operations products. We can offer the Sitefinity content management system to big Fortune 200 clients that need enterprise functions and compatibility with Microsoft applications. Magento and Joomla are two different options for smaller-scale organizations that want the cost-effectiveness of these open-source platforms. These latter options are ideal for companies seeking to swiftly establish a web presence, such as for their online store. If you need to launch an eCommerce business website in under a month, Magento is a solid platform that will meet your needs.